Sample Letter

(Note: there is no publicly listed email contact for AAP leadership. You can fax you letter to National Headquarters instead of mailing to (847) 434-8000)

The American Academy of Pediatrics
141 Northwest Point Boulevard
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-1098

Dear AAP:

As a pediatrician and AAP member I write to express my extreme displeasure of your tolerance of anti-vaccinationist pediatricians Robert Sears, MD, FAAP and Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP.

Given that vaccinating is one of the most important actions pediatricians do for "the health of all children" as well as public health in general, it is disingenuous of the AAP to permit Sears and Gordon to--unchallenged by the AAP--publicly publish and profit from their anti-vaccine materials that: (1) give blatantly wrong and medically dangerous advice about vaccines, and (2) directly and severely contradict current AAP/ACIP/CDC vaccine guidelines. That both Sears and Gordon are FAAPs is even more reprehensible, as your silence about Sears and Gordon comes across to parents as a silent endorsement by the AAP of their anti-vaccine statements and "alternate" schedules.

As a pediatrician, you (the AAP) have told me many times to spend more and more time counseling parents who won't vaccinate. Well, I'm asking you to step up and help me in this by giving me something from you that I can show my parents when they cite Sears or Gordon as reasons why they are delaying or altogether skipping vaccines.  A statement from the AAP will carry much more weight than my own word with parents, as it would clearly show the most-trusted group of pediatricians in America is not at all in support of what Sears and Gordon tell parents.

Thus, I urge you, the AAP, to (1) publicly denounce the anti-vaccine views and materials of Sears and Gordon, and (2) create a printable summary sheet stating such in simple and unambiguous terms (to be published and printable from both your and web sites). I also recommend you consider stripping Sears and Gordon of their FAAP status should they continue to publicly hold such anti-vaccine views and sell anti-vaccine materials. Their views are so antithetical to what the AAP stands for that you cannot allow them to "hide in the herd" of AAP physicians.

I request a response acknowledging receipt of my letter and what the AAP's plans are on my requests. If I do not receive a response, I will consider terminating my AAP membership due to your extreme hypocrisy and lack of concern in this matter. The AAP has been silent on this for too many years already and it is time for you to break that silence to help stop the continuing decline in vaccination rates in the United States.


Your name here, MD, FAAP