Efforts of Others

Other physicians have openly spoken against Sears and Gordon, and, for reference, I have listed some links to their articles here (which by the way offer some talking points to when parents come to you with "Dr. Bob's" book in hand). I list them in case, as you browse this web site, you wonder if you and I are the only pediaticians who are fed up with Sears and Gordon. Well, we aren't, and the links below are good, informative reading.

Physicians who have openly opposed Sears and/or Gordon:

1. Dr. Roy Benaroch in his blog
2. Dr. John Snyder in the Science-based Medicine blog
3. Dr. Rahul Parikh in his column on Salon.com
4. Dr. David Gorski in his blog, (quite often, too)
5. Dr. Paul Offit with Charlotte Moser in Pediatrics

Additionally, there was last year (finally!) a very nice article that takes on both Sears and Gordon in a mainstream magazine--Forbes

I really believe there are a lot of us pediatricians who realize that Sears and Gordon are doing irreparable harm to US vaccination rates--it's just that we're so busy trying to keep up with caring for all our patients that it is hard to find time to speak out for help from the AAP (which is why I created this web site--to make it easier).