So, why is this so important?

1. Sears and Gordon don't just spread their vaccine lies to parents in their office --they tell everyone they can on TV, radio, internet, DVD and in print. They endanger not only their own patients, but ours as well when our families read and unfortunately accept their words as truth.  And why shouldn't our parent believe them? Sears and Gordon are board-certified FAAP pediatricians, and the AAP has nothing in print or online that opposes them by name.

2. Having mediagenic FAAP pediatricians Sears and Gordon telling parents it is ok not to vaccinate is just plain dangerous to the health of children and public health in general. In my opinion what they say borders on medical malpractice. Now, if you feel some need to tell me that I should do some study proving that Sears and Gordon have harmed public health, allow me to ask you this (because I am not doing that study)--Have you ever had a parent come in and tell you they've decided to vaccinate because of what Sears or Gordon told them?  I haven't, and I'll bet you haven't either. But I've had plenty tell me they aren't vaccinating because of what they've read by these two charlatans.  And, as I have mentioned before, Sears and Gordon are wildly popular online. Search engine them and their "alternate schedules" and you will find many mommy blogs and parent pages where parents are buying their lies hook, line and sinker. Also, I urge you to read (if you haven't already) the background section of this web site, where I cite studies published in the journal Pediatrics showing that alternate schedules are all the rage and are causing vaccination rates to precipitously decline.

3. This tolerance by the AAP of these two anti-vaccine pediatricians is so disturbingly contrary to one of the most important things we do as pediatricians for children and public health--VACCINATION to prevent the spread and contraction of diseases with high morbidity and mortality!  What would you think of a pulmonologist who told his/her patients it is safe and ok to smoke? What would you think of a dentist who told patients they don't have to brush and floss their teeth? What would you think of an obstetrician who told expecting moms they can drink alcohol while pregnant?  I'm hoping you see my point. I would not hire a pediatrician onto my practice if s/he was going to tell parents it's ok not to vaccinate. And, I cannot understand why the AAP allows Sears and Gordon to be AAP fellows given how their very public (and profit-driven) views are so contrary to AAP immunization policy.  The AAP's motto is "Dedicated to the Health of All Children." The AAP's lack of concern towards two of their own pediatricians who openly endanger all children is dead wrong and casts serious doubt as to how "dedicated" the AAP is "to the health of all children".