1. Dismayed when parents tell you they are skipping or delaying their child's vaccines because of the absolutely untrue nonsense that Robert Sears, MD, FAAP and Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP have written in their anti-vaccine books, articles, webinars, DVDs, blogs, and web sites?

2. Worn out from trying to convince these parents that Sears and Gordon are completely and utterly wrong when they tell parents that it is ok and safe to delay or even skip vaccines?

3. Frustrated and angry because the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has done nothing as an organization to speak out directly against the  dangerous anti-vaccine lies that their own FAAP members Sears and Gordon tell parents?

 4. Wondering if any other pediatricians are just as mad as you are about this travesty of these two pediatricians contributing to the decrease in US vaccination rates through their made-up "schedules"?

5. Wanting to help try changing this--to help stop the decline in vaccination rates and to help expose Sears's and Gordon's schedules  for the extreme danger they represent to our patients and public health in general?

As a practicing pediatrician, do you find yourself:
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